Sree Hariom Packers and Movers Kolkata

Sree Hariom Packers and Movers Kolkata

Sree Hariom Packers and Movers Kolkata is the best top leading relocation company in Kolkata, West Bengal. Call 09831078178 to get fast packing-moving services. You always search for tension free shifting. We Sree Hariom Packers and Movers Kolkata can assure you we movers and packers in Kolkata will be the best moving solution for you. We movers and packers Kolkata have a good team. Sree Hariom Packers and Movers in Kolkata is a trusted packers movers in Kolkata, West Bengal. We ensure our relocation services suit all budgets of customer needs. We are the old "Packers and Movers Kolkata". We satisfied thousands of client giving good packing and moving service.

Packers and Movers Kolkata

Our Services

We can provide full packing services in Kolkata. Such as Packing/Unpacking in Kolkata. Loading/Unloading services in Kolkata. Packing and Shipping Services Kolkata. Freight Services Kolkata. Household Relocation in Kolkata. Domestic Relocation in Kolkata. Business Or Corporate Relocation Kolkata. Car Transportation services in Kolkata. Moving Insurance.

Packers and Movers Kolkata

Our main motto is to provide full services to our customers. We have many years of experience in packing and moving services. We Sree Hariom Packers and Movers Kolkata have many customers. Day by day we packers movers Kolkata getting more customers with their better experience.

Packers and Movers Kolkata Charges for Local Shifting

Moving TypePacking CostLabour CostTransport Cost Approx. Total Cost
1 BHK HouseRs. 1000-2000Rs. 1000-3000Rs. 1000-4000Rs. 3000-9000
2 BHK HouseRs. 1000-3000Rs. 1000-4000Rs. 2500-7000Rs. 4500-14000
3 BHK HouseRs. 1500-4000Rs. 1500-5000Rs. 3000-9000Rs. 6000-18000
4 BHK HouseRs. 2000-5000Rs. 2000-6000Rs. 4000-14000Rs. 8000-25000

Clients regard us the leading Packers and Movers Kolkata

We give the lowest quotation for packing and shipping. We provide the best rate for car moving. We have good experience in office relocation in Kolkata. We provide door to door service. We have our own vehicle for fast local relocation in Kolkata. We are the greatest packing and moving company in all over India. Our moving service is very fast. We provide our customer with goods insurance. When we packing goods at that time we are very careful about it. We provide car moving service, not just car moving service we all so provide office moving service. We, Sree Hariom Packers and Movers work all over India.

As the name of our company can be seen all over India, we have some responsibilities for our customers. One day we, Sree Hariom Movers And Packers took in the first position in packing and moving services all over India. We comparatively hard-working company. Customers are waiting to get our services. It is not mentioned that only customers are waiting for us. We are also waiting for our customers. Sree Hariom Packers and Movers is a well-known company in Kolkata. We spread our branch all over India. Our services are too good. Moving services is one of them. We are the topmost moving company in Kolkata. Our moving services are so smooth and of course cheap. Customers are pleased to get our services. We also served bike moving and other vehicles moving by our own vehicle. Our experts are well-trained for this job. They take care of your goods.

Approx. Packers and Movers Kolkata Cost and Rates

Moving Size Truck NeedLocal MovingIntercity Moving
1 Bhk House9 FeetRs. 4000-16000Rs. 6600-22000
2 Bhk House14 Feet Rs. 6000-20000Rs. 8000-28000
3 Bhk House17 Feet/19 FeetRs. 8500-25000Rs. 10000-33000
4/5 Bhk House20 FeetRs. 9600-30000Rs. 14000-38000
Few Items7 FeetRs. 3000-8000Rs. 4500-16000

Why we are the best packers and movers in Kolkata

Our company is a prime company because we provide our service very organised way. We always care about customers with valuable goods. Our well-trained employees are careful during all shifting procedure. They know their duty. Customers are known for our services. Therefore they are very pleased with our services. All these reasons we are the best moving and packing company in Kolkata. . Packers and Movers Kolkata company tie up our other companies. Movers Packers in Kolkata and packing services in Kolkata and car relocation in Kolkata is our partners. Our company achieved great renown for our very good service. Overall Kolkata customers prefer our service. Recently we shifted some offices at Bidhannagar. E N Block and D P Block of sector V customers are our regular customers. We also shifting many business offices near Techno India Group. We have huge clients in Saltlake. Dum Dum customers are very much like our services. Many big industrial houses is clients. Wipro and Shapoorji Pallonji & Company Ltd and Supertron Infotech Pvt Ltd | are our very good business clients. We shifted also many industry-related goods. The company recently provide service to many publisher houses. Overall we provide our services with every location in Kolkata.

We are developing our transportation system. Our company also provide all kinds of relocation services from Kolkata to any other state of India. Our services are totally problem-free and smooth. We provide our packing and moving services at very low cost. All kinds of clients are very happy to get our superb services. We serve our insurance services for our customers. Our company is located by A.E Block, Sector 1(N 22.60051, E 88.41470).

Standard Packers and Movers Kolkata Cost for Intercity Moving

Size of ShiftingPuneMumbaiBangaloreHyderabadJaipurGoaDelhiChennai
Few household itemsRs. 7000-15000Rs. 8000-17000Rs. 9000-18000Rs. 7000-15000 Rs. 8000-18000Rs. 10000-25000Rs. 7000-16000Rs. 9000-19000
Complete ResidentialRs. 11000-30000Rs. 14000-27000Rs. 14000-30000Rs. 12000-25000Rs. 11000-28000Rs. 14000-40000Rs. 12000-24000Rs. 15000-30000
Few office items Rs. 9000-18000Rs. 10000-20000Rs. 11000-25000Rs. 10000-22000Rs. 9000-16000Rs. 13000-30000Rs. 8000-15000Rs. 12000-25000
Complete office shiftingRs. 11000-23000Rs. 15000-30000Rs. 18000-40000Rs. 14000-28000Rs. 13000-30000Rs. 15000-42000Rs. 12000-26000Rs. 20000-40000
1 BHK houseRs. 10000-20000Rs. 10000-20000Rs. 12000-23000Rs. 8000-16000Rs. 10000-18000Rs. 12000-30000Rs. 8000-16000Rs. 12000-25000
2 BHK residentialRs. 12000-25000Rs. 12000-25000Rs. 13000-27000Rs. 12000-24000Rs. 12000-20000Rs. 15000-40000Rs. 10000-19000Rs. 14000-28000
2-3 BHK house Rs. 13000-27000Rs. 13000-26000Rs. 15000-30000Rs. 13000-26000Rs. 13000-22000Rs. 16000-43000Rs. 12000-20000Rs. 15000-30000
3 BHK homeRs. 15000-30000Rs. 16000-30000Rs. 17000-32000Rs. 16000-29000Rs. 14000-23000Rs. 18000-48000Rs. 15000-24000Rs. 18000-33000
4 BHK homeRs. 18000-33000Rs. 18000-32000Rs. 20000-35000Rs. 18000-34000Rs. 16000-25000Rs. 20000-55000Rs. 17000-28000Rs. 22000-37000
5 BHK/Villa homeRs. 20000-36000Rs. 23000-40000Rs. 25000-44000Rs. 20000-39000Rs. 18000-28000Rs. 23000-60000 Rs. 20000-32000Rs. 27000-43000
Car transportationRs. 5000-8000Rs. 4000-8000Rs. 5000-10000Rs. 4000-8500Rs. 4000-9000Rs. 8000-20000Rs. 3000-5000Rs. 5000-10000
Car transport & home relocationRs. 14000-30000Rs. 14000-32000Rs. 18000-43000Rs. 15000-30000Rs. 13000-30000Rs. 14000-46000Rs. 14000-27000Rs. 18000-38000


Relocation or shifting of your expensive articles is a very stressful job which common people can hardly manage with due excellence and expertise. It is quite natural that they don't have prior knowledge and skill in the process of shifting. Moreover, they are not technically skilled and experts in the field of shifting. As a result, they find themselves in a fix. The job of shifting haunts them day in and day out. They consider the job of shifting to be a nightmare. They get worried about the safety of their articles at the time of shifting. Different types of questions arise in their minds regarding shifting. Here are the answers to some of the questions that arise in their minds at the time of relocation.

Q: Should people shift their goods themselves?

A: Normally common people are unaware of the plans and systems of relocation. They are not also technically strong. Hence, they can not manage the job of shifting in an efficient manner. Plus, they are not used to manual labour and heavy physical work. Moreover, they do not have modern vehicles like container trucks for the shifting of their valuables. Hence, for the shifting of bulk items and distant shifting they should not take a chance. They should depend on expert professionals.

Q: Should people hire a shifting company for the moving of their valuables?

A: Certainly, people should depend on a good shifting company for the shifting of their valuables. A good shifting brand not only shifts their valuables efficiently and smartly but also provides good insurance and warehousing services to the clients. Besides, a good shifting brand is technically strong and it has sophisticated vehicles for the shifting of the vehicles in a smart and secure manner.

Q: What Services are provided by a shifting company?

A: A good shifting company provides a lot of shifting services to the clients like packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, rearranging of goods, and also insurance and warehousing services, etc. Thus, you get a complete package of shifting.

Q: What is the charge of a good shifter?

A: The charge depends on the distance to be covered, the floors to be managed and also the number of goods to be shifted.

Q: How long does it take to shift the valuables?

A: It depends on the number of items, the distance to be covered, and the climate condition.

Q: What type of a shifting company should the people engage?

A: People should depend on a reliable, efficient, and popular shifting brand for the shifting of their valuables. They should check the registration of the company, PAN and TAN, GST certificate and IBA approval, etc to be sure that the shifting company is a good one.

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Cost for House and Car Transport from Kolkata

Up to 350 KmRs. 11000-28000
350 - 700 KmRs. 14000-32000
700 - 1200 KmRs. 17000-40000
1200 - 1800 Km Rs. 19000-45000

Cost of Car Transportation from Kolkata to Other Cities

Up to 350 KmRs. 3300-6500
350 - 700 KmRs. 4000-8000
700 - 1200 KmRs. 5000-9800
1200 - 1800 Km Rs. 6000-12000

Steps for Packing and Shipping. Must Read.

If you call us for packing and shipping service in Kolkata. We must follow these steps to give you better service. First receiving your call/email we visit your place. Inspect your households or office items to move from Kolkata. We give you a very cheap quotation. We assure you the best service with that cheap quotation too. Later as your given time, we visit your place for packing those listed items. We provide you with insurance service too. We then load your packed items for moving. We move your valuable items fast but with care. We keep contact with you while moving from Kolkata. Reaching the destination we contact you. We then unload the items. If you need we re-arrange those as you instruct. That is why we are the leading "Packers and Movers Kolkata". For best fast relocation service in Kolkata call 09831078178.

Contact Us :
Address: 208/1, Ashokgarh, Dunlop, Kolkata-700108
Contact Person : Santosh Gupta
Mobile : +91 9831078178
E-Mail :

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